Integrity. Reputation. Outcomes. Referrals.

lenny.jpgI have practiced law for 21 years.  I attended The Dickinson School Law of Pennsylvania State University (1990).  In 2008, to better my litigation skills and courtroom presence I earned a Master's Degree in Trial Advocacy from Temple University, The James E. Beasley School of Law.  Although many lawyers are educated, without compassion and integrity their reputation will not generate outcomes or will not lead to referrals.  This correlates to some of the values I learned from my parents, to whom I owe a great debt.
My dad, Eliot, drove a truck for a living and exemplified an exceptional work ethic.  My mom, Anna, was a secretary and she valued a good education, went back to school and earned her degree in her 50's.  She also stressed being kind to everybody.  They both wanted their children to have a better life and to advance themselves.  They encouraged us from a young age to do well in school.  My parents also emphasized that through hard work, and living by the Golden Rule ("do unto others as you would have them do unto you") were the keys to success.  Growing up I was taught to treat everyone with respect and the importance of dealing with people honestly.  This principle and philosophy guide Leonard Rivera Law and our approach towards our clients.  When clients come to our office we realize they are dealing with difficult situations under much stress.  We treat them as if they were family and we treat them with honesty and respect.  It is this reputation that has led us to be retained by clients whose cases settled for $2.1 million and $6.5 million.  Honesty, compassion and respect generates integrity, reputation, outcome and referrals.