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 Integrity.  Reputation.  Outcomes.  Referrals.

My practice has been built based on personal service to clients one case at a time.  My name is recognized for caring, compassionate, legal representation at a time when clients are facing difficult legal situations.  For me, creating legal strategies and delivering the best outcome in spite of the severity of the charges, allegations, or facts is my goal with each and every client.  

It all starts when we meet to discuss the pending case. I listen. I apply 21 years of courtroom and litigation experience to develop a plan that meets the client's needs and manages costs. Although litigation is expensive, I will help clients to get the quality representation for the best price.  Together, we decide the best path forward, mindful of the client's confidentiality, family members are welcome to attend meetings and proceedings at the discretion of the client.  While I specialize in personal injury cases, criminal defense matters, DUI cases and Immigration, including Deferred Action, petitions, I can address many other personal legal matters or questions.

Please call my office at (610) 551-7551; para conversar en espanol, (610) 444-1317, or (484) 802-5040 or email me at: lrivera@leonardriveralaw.com to discuss your personal legal matters.

Leonard Rivera Law
217 West State Street, Suite 300
Kennett Square, PA  19348

(610) 551-7551
(610) 444-1317 (office)

To be clear, personal injury matters are cases related to a car accident and the other driver is responsible, negligent, or at fault and caused the accident.  If you were injured you may have a legal cause of action and should call an attorney.

You may also have a cause of action and need a lawyer if you were on somebody else's property and you slipped, or fell and were hurt due to no fault of your own.  I can help you and tell you what your rights are.

Criminal cases range in severity, I have experience with drug related charges which include delivery or possession with intent to deliver, aggravated assault, simple assault and underage drinking charges.

You may have been arrested for driving under the influence, also known as, driving while intoxicated, which is very scary.  The law requires persons convicted or who plead guilty to be incarcerated.  When this happens, you lose your license.  A good attorney will tell you the options and programs for which you may be eligible and are available to you (i.e., Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, "ARD," Intermediate Punishment Program).  What if I was arrested before for drunk driving?  These are questions I have handled extensively. 

If you are married to a United States Citizen and want to adjust your status to become a United States Citizen, I can help.  If you are under the age of 31 and came to the United States before the age of 16, you could be eligible for Deferred Action.  This is a new law that may entitle you to a work permit.

Please call or email me,
lrivera@leonardriveralaw.com, with any questions.  Information is power and will help you make informed decisions.  There is no fee for personal injury matter consultations.  For all other matters I may request an initial consultation fee. 

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